The Road from Damascus

Jihad V.S. Jesus

Serving the city of Damascus, Pastor Yosep Sapra and his family have survived persecution, civil war and the COVID-19 pandemic, only to be caught off guard by an ISIS invasion of the city.

Driven to the outskirts of the city and forced to kneel, Yosep prays for a miracle as he shields his six-year-old daughter, Nami. Shot at and left for dead with the rest of the family, Yosep and Nami are found unharmed and taken hostage by a rising young ISIS commander.

Now Yosep must trust Christ to protect him and Nami as he navigates life under the thumb of brutal thugs.

Unbeknownst to Yosep, his fourteen-year-old daughter Istir escapes to Canada but is tormented by nightmares and an overwhelming burden for her family and her people.

Will Yosep and Istir overcome or become martyrs in this battle against evil?

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